Bonnie Stedman and Josh Perry are a dynamic duo of health, wellness and fitness.  

Together they bring over 30 years experience in the science of good health.   Understanding the core workings of a fast paced successful lifestyle they have honed in on the fundamental keys to balancing success in the workplace and a healthy, wholistic, home life balance.  

Their passion for transforming both the physical and mental wellness of teams of employees to a level that sees end results in group performance and moral is undeniable. 

Bonnie is a qualified Bioresonance Therapist, a Naturopathic Nutritionist and registered Bio Impedance Analysis practitioner while Josh is a retired Australian representative Rugby League Player.  
Their passion and experience in healing with food, energy balancing  and exercise, as well as mindful living has gained them both highly respected reputations within their industry.

Living and breathing what they preach, this couple are a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to hear speak. 

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