Crackers & Apple

Spelt crackers are a great alternative to rice because they taste so much better but two, because they have so many more health benefits.  
Spelt is an ancient grain that is low allergenic and although it does contain gluten, the molecular structure is different to regular gluten, allowing it to be more easily digested.  You can find Spelt crackers at good health food and organic stores.

What you will need....

  • 2 Spelt Crackers
  • 1 Avocado
  • Salmon (leftover freshly cooked, jar or tin)
  • Cashew Butter (Any nut butter will do but cashew goes well with fish)
  • Parsley or your favourite herb to top with
  • 1 Apple

Simply layer your crackers with all ingredients.  
This should take you roughly about 1 minute!
Lunch is served.
Finish off with your apple for a sweet finish and also to clean your breath of any leftover fishyness.
Who says you don't have time to eat healthy.....?!?!?!?!?