I've always loved Asian influenced food, especially their breakfasts.  
Isn't it strange how the eastern world limit breakfasts to cereal and toast with the occasional bacon and egg splurge.  
This morning, breakfast consists of fermented miso with a salmon, cabbage, kale, capsicum, corn salad.  Garlic, lemon and Olive Oil dressing.
I feel clean, nourished and warm all at once.  
Miso takes a matter of minutes to prepare and if you make a large salad there is enough left over for another meal later. 
Try getting creative with your breakfasts, its just your mind that limits you to the not so nutrient dense breakfasts your used to.
 I guarantee you will love the variety!
Miso is best bought as a paste rather than a packet and you can use either freshly roasted salmon or a jar.