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The Biocom device was designed and manufactured by Regumed in Germany in the early 70's.  There are over 15,000 devices used in over 90 countries world wide.  Bioresonance therapy is a non invasive, gentle therapy used to help with a variety of complaints.  Conditions range from allergic reactions and food sensitivities to more chronic conditions such as heavy metal toxicity, gut infections, anxiety and depression.  


BioResonance therapy does not directly treat the illness itself, rather works by assisting the body to reduce toxins, blockages and stress load, which in turn restores the body's ability to 'self regulate' and heal naturally.  By identifying stressors on the body and 'turning the dial down' on these, BioResonance assists the body to function in harmony with itself.  Likewise with positive yet weakened functions in the body, Biocom increases and enhances these signals to promote a higher level of functioning.  

Based on Quantum physics, every type of matter emits varied and differing forms of compressed energy.  Therefore every living substance whether it be foods, liquids, metals, organic or inorganic and even foriegn invasive energy forms such as viral, bacterial, parasitic etc will transmit their own unique finger-print type wavelength.  Every human or animal cell from all body parts also replicates its own individual fingerprint energetic wavelength.  We understand this concept when talking about testing our heart frequency with an Angiogram or our brain frequence via an ECG.  This amazing information is what the Biocom reads, measures and balances.

Biocom not only measures and reads electrical energy but then modifies any imbalances via metal and magnetic plates.   The Biocom machine sends reversed frequencies  back into the patient to correcte and balance.  Without having to use chemical substances, this is an effective way of changing chemistry.

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Varying factors of your health will determine the length of your treatment and this will be discussed with you along the way.    Treatments are painless and safe for all ages, especially infants.  With breastfeeding infants we may need to treat the mother as well depending on the condition.  


Most conditions can benefit from Biocom due to the nature of the support provided by treatments, however there are some cautions.  The first trimester of pregnancy is not recomended however after this period Biocom is a safe and beneficial treatment to use.    There are some other conditions where treatment needs to be modified to suit the individual and once this has been done, Biocom can be used safely.