Warm Lemon Water Starter

Starting the day with a glass of warm water and the juice of half a lemon not only cleanses the digestive tract and colon, which encourages elimination of toxins but it also rehydrates the body after a night of liver cleansing.  We often have a build up of toxins within our digestive tract and lemons stimulate the production of bile which aids digestion and the elimination of these toxins. 

Lemons are well known for their antibacterial, antiviral and immune boosting properties so its no wonder that traditional Ayurvedic Medicine encourage the use of this powerhouse of a fruit first thing in the morning.  Jam packed with Vitamin C which fights infection, reduces inflammation in the body, and assist with Iron absorption, there is no doubt a sense of wellbeing is enhanced with this small addition to your morning ritual.

A common misunderstanding of this bright little fruit is that it is acidic.  In actual fact, Lemons are one of the most Alkalising fruits available.  Disease states within the body form from an acidic Ph, and lemons alkalise our internal terrain.

Luke warm water will ensure the Vitamin C component is retained.  Vitamin C is heat sensitive and will be destroyed with boiling water.  

A very quick, simple lifestyle modification with maximum effect.  Give it a try for a week and feel the benefits for yourself.